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You don’t want to feel just OK, you want to feel your best -- vital, energetic, and pain-free. At Medika Holistic Wellness Center, in Boynton Beach, Florida, David J. Blyweiss, MD, recommends high-quality natural supplements to make up for deficiencies in the modern diet and compensate for toxic environmental exposures. If you’re wondering if you need to supplement your diet to achieve optimal health and are unsure which supplements your body needs, Dr. Ola administers tests to devise a targeted supplement plan. To enhance your wellness, call the friendly Medika Holistic Wellness Center staff or use the online contact form.

Natural Supplements Q & A

What are natural supplements?

Natural supplements are plant- or animal-derived, highly concentrated, high-quality nutrients that you take to augment a healthy diet. 

Before recommending natural supplements, Dr. Ola takes a complete personal and family history and listens to you as you describe your symptoms and goals. She may do blood tests to identify nutritional deficiencies that can be corrected with supplements.

Why isn’t eating healthy food enough for wellness?

Most of your nutritional needs should be met by a high-quality diet that emphasizes plenty of green vegetables, healthy fats (coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and grass-fed butter or ghee), fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, and moderate amounts of animal protein. 

However, not everyone has access to or can afford organic meats and vegetables. Plus, we are exposed from an early age to a wide range of environmental toxins, including air pollution.

Modern factory-farm techniques have robbed our soil of vital nutrients, making food less than it was in our grandparents’ and great grandparents’ lifetimes. 

By using targeted natural supplements, you can help your body compensate for the stress it undergoes from the environment and the aging process. 

What kinds of natural supplements should I take?

Dr. Ola bases her natural supplement recommendations on your individual biochemistry and your symptoms. 

She discourages the use of generic multivitamins, which tend to be of low quality and are not individualized for your needs. Some natural supplements that can benefit almost everyone include:

  • Vitamin A (immune, heart, and bone support)
  • Vitamin C (works with vitamins A and K2)
  • Vitamin K2 (works with vitamins A and C)
  • Vitamin D (you should get vitamin D from healthy sun exposure, too)
  • Magnesium (magnesium glycinate causes less gastrointestinal distress)
  • Zinc and copper (support the immune system and increase energy)
  • Krill oil or high-quality fish oil (good source of omega-3s)
  • L-tyrosine (an amino acid that boosts mood and eases stress)
  • Iodine (supports thyroid and brain function)
  • Methyl folate and methyl B12 (protects against dementia and atherosclerosis)

To boost your wellness and give your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best, call the friendly team at Medika Holistic Wellness Center or contact them with the handy online form.